there are many applications that are available for a single operating system , whether in this case iOS or Android, instant messaging tool Pluss WhatsApp is available for the two most popular operating systems in the world . Failing that if you have in your hands an iPhone 4-4S - 5-5s -5C (or you lucky and got the iPhone 6 ) and want to install this tool on your device, in this article we will teach you step by step Download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone.


To download WhatsApp on your iPhone Pluss only you have to go to your Cydia application, which is available for direct download repository BigBoos for free.
As for Android devices by downloading WhatsApp + on your iPhone you must uninstall the original application (if you have one), to operate and have no problem with your new and redesigned tool, which will allow us to make many changes we can not make the original, such as:

Stealth Mode: You can hide your online status for contacts and can also void the information to the last hour of actual connection.
Disable notification of reception: allows us to eliminate the second citation WhatsApp messages indicating the correct reception of the message from your iPhone device.
Customize the most of our interface, adding colors, backgrounds and more.
 Allows you to send music using this tweak.
Among other features that will be to your liking, thanks to the developers who work every day to keep improving every aspect of WhatsApp Pluss.