WhatsApp Plus, the unofficial version of WhatsApp, was recently banned in Android, and indeed after the bans its developer abandoned the project, but iPhone users were not harmed because the version of WhatsApp Plus it saves users be banned for WhatsApp Inc is available for iOS users who have done jailbreak your device.


WhatsApp Plus shows its compatibility with iOS 8.1.2 devices. Reportedly is now available through Cydia for free and has some incredible settings that users do not receive official WhatsApp.

Stealth mode: WhatsApp Plus features stealth mode, allowing users to stay under underground and hide their latest online status. You can also login using incognito mode and chat while appearing offline to your friends.

Disable double tilde reading: This function can deactivate their confirmations reading your friends are forwarded, and not allow them to know who has read their conversations.

Night Mode: Users can use this unique feature to change the subject to a more subtle for night use color. The feature was available as a test mode (unstable) back in iOS 7, but is now fully functional.

Larger files: WhatsApp Plus users are able to share large files such as music, photos and videos with your contacts.

WhatsApp Plus you can download from Cydia App Store, the only clear this condition is to have already jailbroken your iOS device. To run WhatsApp Plus and settings, also need to install the original WhatsApp application from the App Store.