Whatsapp VS whatsapp Plus Tools

Like everything in life has its differences, also happens in the case of two applications that leaves the other in this case the instant messaging tool most used worldwide WhatsApp has jurisdiction and this time is an Unofficial App that born of her womb in this case WhatsApp Plus.


Although applications are equal there are many differences that today we will know, so you can choose the one that suits your personality or just to your liking. Let Us Begin.


The Original WhatsApp is in Google Play and all available stores, while WhatsApp + not in no'll have to look at other pages (here for example).

The color of the logo is Green Original WhatsApp, while WhatsApp Plus is colored blue.

WhatsApp Pluss has a wider range of emoticos where you will find even the most popular memes of the network, while the traditional WhatsApp offers the same emoticos ever.

With WhatsApp Plus you can change the interface of your conversations as you wish, while the Original WhatsApp need to adjust to the default bringing the application.

When you install WhatsApp Plus you can choose to activate the option to hide online status, while the Original WhatsApp you can only hide the last minute connection.

With WhatsApp Plus you can send pictures and videos with higher resolution and large, on the other hand you can not exceed 16MB indicating the original version.

With WhatsApp Plus you can send songs freely without limitations compared to the original version.

As you can see the WhatsApp Plus carries many advantages in terms of developments that have compared to the original version, but we can not forget that WhatsApp + can not live without WhatsApp original, meanwhile will enjoy the options and advantages Unofficial this app.