Name : Madeleine Tools

Name: Madeleine ( My friends tend to call me Maddy or Mads )
Age : 16 (17 in a couple of weeks) 
Gender : Female
Nationality : Half English and half Turkish - I live in England though.
Language : I speak English , Turkish , German and Arabic and I would love to learn a new language like Spanish or Russian or something exciting like that c:
Interest: Taking Photos , painting and drawing (mostly portraits), listening to music, drinking tea ( So British ) and reading books c’:

Ideal Pen Pal : I’m not really fussy. I don’t care if you’re male or female as long as you’re human. If you are racist, homophobic or anything like that then please don’t bother because I support equality. Ideally if you’re around my age (16-20) that would be great and it would be handy if you had similar interests to me - other wise what would we talk about? I’m very goofy and love people and depending on how it goes I wouldn’t mind snail mail too! :3