New : Free Calling Without Internet ( Freekall International Calling ) Tools

Free Calls? Seriously?

Yes, you heard us right! FreeKall, which is the endeavor by a Bangalore-based telephony startup, can be your savior, when you are running out of balance in your mobile phone. Yashas Sekhar, master brains behind this awesome idea, says that FreeKall has received such an incredible response from users, and that has caused the server to crash down several times. Nevertheless, we are sure that most of you are incredulous about this FreeKall, and some of you might even think that it is a sort of fraud! But, you can fix all these doubts when you know how FreeKall works and the full process behind provision of free phone calls around the country and globe (to be implemented soon).

How does FreeKall Freekall International Calling Work?

Actually, basic principle of FreeKall deals with the revolutionary methods of advertisements, where we can see audio advertisements instead of traditional counterparts. To be precise, when you are making the ‘free’ call using FreeKall, both the caller and receiver will have to listen to audio advertisements in-between phone calls. In addition, you will hear an advertisement instead of ring! If you call your friend using FreeKall, you and your friend will have to listen to an advertisement once your conversation reaches 2 minutes.  
This process will continue throughout the call, but the duration of advertisement is just 10 seconds, which obviously seems adjustable. For this purpose, however, FreeKall keeps a tie-up with ‘Streetsmart Media Solutions’, one of the popular media solutions, and they will provide advertisements to be played during the mentioned interval. Through that interval, unlike most you think, the advertiser will have an extended reach towards the audient.  
Of course, this principle of FreeKall makes enough sense. In other words, FreeKall seems profitable for both the user as well as advertiser at the same time. Nevertheless, FreeKall is currently in its testing phase, and there is some kinds of limitations in terms of calling time.
How to use FreeKall Without Internet ?

Unlike WhatsApp or Viber, FreeKall does not require installation of any applications in your mobile phone. Instead, it needs you to register on, where you have to provide information such as your name, phone number, email address etc. Once the registration process is over, you shall follow these steps to make free calls to any mobile number in country.
      First, dial 08-7260725 from your mobile phone
      Server will disconnect your call after one ring
      Quickly after disconnection, you will receive an automated phone call from FreeKall servers
      During the call, you have to enter the phone number of the person, who you would like to call through it
      Start talking, and be ready to hear advertisements between each 2 minutes of talk
For the time being, FreeKall lets registered users enjoy a daily talk time of 12 minutes, and 3 minutes for those, who have not registered in the website. Nevertheless, once FreeKall is available in its ‘real’ form rather than test phase, it will let all registered users enjoy unlimited talk time every day. In addition, as we had mentioned earlier, FreeKall will also let you make international phone calls without paying, but they are waiting for legal aspects to be cleared.
To Wrap Up
 We firmly agree that FreeKall is a revolutionary service, especially in a country like India, where using internet-based free call applications are not possible by majority. At the same time, we would like to mention that, if FreeKall comes with enough technical resources and capabilities, the service would be a major threat to mainstream mobile phone carriers.

Download freekall from play store   : HERE