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 Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

Being sober and alone is so much fun on New Years Eve!

Your attitude may hurt me, But mine can Kill You!!

Cheer up, tomorrow will be a better day, just believe!

My definition of a clean room is a clear path from my door to my bed

Every man regards his own life as the New Year’s Eve of time.

Thanks to the words 'dude' 'bro' and 'man' I haven't said my best friends name in 10 years.

To a New Year and a new beginning...

I’ve found the recipe for happiness. Can someone just send me some money so that I can buy the ingredients

Coffee, chocolate, men… some things are just better rich.

I never knew that one singe blade could mess up my life..

You have no idea how much l like you. How much you make me smile, how much l love talking to you, or how much l wish you were here.

I Love My Country. It is The Government I’m Afraid Of!

My heart is and always be yours forever.

One glass water, one glass beer. O my dear, happy new year.

Fakes friends are around they thing you are cool, Real friends are around even when they think you are fool.

Sometimes the right one for you is the one who was there the whole time.

Play the moments. Pause the memories. Stop the pain. Rewind the happiness.