WhatsApp is Adding Video Calls Soon 2016 Tools

Christmas may be over, but it looks like WhatsApp is about to provide a gift that will keep on giving to its users

Leaked screenshots attained by German site MacerKopf reveal the astonishingly popular messaging service, which has picked up over 900M users in just 6 years, is set to launch video messaging.

The shots show a relatively barebones service, but it is the bare bones simplicity of WhatsApp which has made it so popular in the first place and it will send shivers down the spine of Apple FaceTime , Microsoft Skype . German Apple blog Macerkopf claims that WhatsApp is working on the feature, and provides allegdly leaked images of video calling in action.

The UI is consistent with WhatsApp’s voice calling. It’s pretty barebones, only providing the option to switch between your front and rear cameras or muting the microphone, and should work over both WiFi and mobile data.

there’s no concrete evidence other than the singular image, it’s not a stretch to imagine the company is working on video calling, and Macerkopf believes it will be implemented in the coming weeks.

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