How to Take Good Selfies with Pictures 2016 Tools

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Hello everybody! Welcome to the Great Shot project. 
Do you still think that you need a professional camera and fancy equipment for good and quality pictures? Our video course on mobile photography will prove you’re wrong. We will teach you to do the right and beautiful photos using just your mobile phone.
Our first video tutorial is devoted to selfies! That’s right! Selfie.  It’s hard to believe, but even a selfie can be exciting! No duck faces, stamps, inappropriate grimaces! Some say that selfies - is a form of mental disorder. We believe that this is an opportunity to show your perspective of the world. Our video course will elevate your mobile photography to another level! Create beautiful and astonishing pictures by using our technics and rules in mobile photography.
We will help you to understand all the rules of professional photography in a simple and accessible format.
All you need is your mobile camera.
Our video course will teach you:
- How to make bright, colorful pictures
- New simple and working methods of shooting
- Understand the basic genres of photography
- Create great scenery 
You will quickly and easily learn the basic rules of photography and understand that the power of your mobile device are endless! After watching our video course your photos jump to a new level, and the popularity of your accounts in social networks multiplied several times! However, this is only half the story: we understand that the most important thing - is your story that is built by your hands and imagination!