WowApp Review - A Get Paid Alternative to WhatsApp Tools

Today I would like to introduce you to a new app wowapp that is a great alternative of skype, WhatsApp , as a simple explaining it is the combination of Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, their business model is similar to Tsu’s revenue sharing that are being generated from the AD revenues. Wowapp is invite only network and if you would like to join wowapp messenger you need to find a wowapp invitationIf I did read it correct they are backed up with 30 million Euros investment(capital), the source was a Romanian website, it is a very simple and smooth app, haven’t noticed any bugs or lags .

What is WowApp ?

The App can be used for instant messaging and making voice calls as well as video calls .

Tips to Earn More on WowApp
Based on my experience, here are the tips to earn more on WowApp:
Use mobile phone the most for chatting (but use both PC version and mobile App)
Keep the ‘Ad-me’ option ON for mobile, desktop and website

Add some referrals (2-5) who will use the app actively and who may invite more people. The more the better.

Use the App daily and normally

You can not join WowApp directly, but you need to do it under some existing member. If you are interested, you can  Join it here .