What to chat with a Girl on WhatsApp Tools

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Find the best tips for impressing a beautiful girl you like on whatsapp chat or texts. These tips show you the art to chat on whatsapp .

Try to be in online when she is active in Whatsapp and find some way to talk to her. If your chat with her is worth surely she will make an attempt to know about you and notice your profile which can be the best way to impress a girl on Whatsapp chat.

If you will fake it, you will never make her fall for you. You have to commit your soul to win the love of a life.

Make sure, that your feelings are not infatuation or lust. The only way you can do this, just be yourself.

And the first step would be if you are interested in her, just, be yourself.

Don't let her feel that you are desperate, be slow, respect her.. and know her first for at least 3-6 months before meeting her.
She shouldn't have any clue that you want her to want you. Be a good friend first then a secret sharer and you have to meet her once you are knowing her for a month.

To win a war, you have to lose some battles. There will be times when she will talk to other guys and she wouldn't even think about you. So, don't get mad about it.

She must know that you care about her. Make sure you ask her if she had dinner.. and ask her about her favorites, note them. Be humorous and make her laugh a little when you both talk, so that she values your chat.

Never fake.. you must really love her to make her want you and yes, make sure that you are independent guy with a decent job before thinking about making her to want you.

If you know she is fascinated in spending time with you then ask her to come outwith you for a date. Plan for dinner or lunch at a romantic place or even take her place which she desired to go. Know what she likes and gift it to make her surprise, even you can express your love by giving her ring and flowers.

So this is some of the best ways to impress a girl on WhatsApp.