The 10 Tips Dating With Girls in USA Tools

1- Stop Placing Women On Pedestals!
It doesn’t serve you and women don’t like it in the long run.
Check this out: Let’s say you meet a guy as a friend and then after only a few days he started buying you a bunch of stuff and paying for all your food and drinks. Then texts to make sure you got home ok, and “likes” all your Facebook posts. Sends you random gifts. What a weird dude…

Do you know what the pedestal does? It allows women to recline into the comfort you lavish them with, put their foot in your mouth that gives too many fake compliments, buys too many gifts, always being available and lets her walk all over you. Too early man it’s over before it started…
You minus well lay on the floor and tell her to walk all over you!

2- A Misogynist Can Become a Lover of Women
However, just because there are more and more men who have a negative attitude towards women doesn’t mean that these guys can’t change. In fact, I can proudly say that I am the best I know in turning woman haters into woman lovers.

My success rate is really high and I love nothing more than watching a pessimistic woman hater who slowly but steadily turns into a life-affirming man who loves women and his life. In case you are one of the men who believe that all women are stupid whores, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to show you how amazing women really are

3- Reading is Useless Unless You Take Action

I love to read books. I am an introvert and I can spend all day in my bed reading one book after another. Many introverted guys who have a miserable dating life do the same. They spend all day reading books about dating and seducing women and yet, they haven’t had sex in years.

Reading is good to gain theoretical knowledge about a topic, but it is completely useless if you don’t put the advice of the books you read into practice. You can read about how to approach women all day long, but unless you do it, you’ll never get the date you want.

4- Finding the Right Girl is Harder than Winning the Lottery

What happens once you reach a level of competence that allows you to approach any girl you want and to go on as many dates as you wish? Well, life is good, but at the same time the next challenge awaits you.

Finding a woman who wants to go on a date with you will be damn easy. Finding a woman who you can approach will be even easier. Finding the right girl who you want to be in a relationship with can be hard as hell.

You have to kiss many female frogs to find your princess. Just don’t give up after the fifth frog.

5- How To Overcome the Fear of Rejection and Learn How to Start Dating Attractive Women
Look, to meet and attract beautiful women you have to realize one thing: it’s a numbers game and not every girl you talk to is going like you no matter how good you get with women and dating or how big your bank account is.

In the 20-35 age demographic, the breakdown is:
1/3 of girls are in a relationship
1/3 of girls are just not interested
1/3 of girls are open (woohoo!)